Saturday, 21 April 2012

My bank balance takes another hit.

My bank account must be feeling abused by now, as I keep splashing the cash on gorgeous new clothes.. It feels like every other post on here contains new I have bought - maybe a little restraint is in order? And yes, I say that every time. And then go and spend more money. Someone, call Shopaholics Anonymous.. 

This lovely little (or rather large) haul comes as a result of my shopping trip with a friend yesterday, which was a brilliant way to spend the afternoon. I think I went shopping originally in search of shoes, and she needed an outfit for some event or other in our buzzing social lives.. The mission was partially successful - her outfit is sorted. But take a look at what I bought.. not a shoe in sight.

Vest - Topshop

The first place we went was a dangerous one to start with - Topshop is probably my favourite shop on the high street. And then there was a sale. I got more than a little excited and got a few gorgeous things, beginning with this shimmery, opalescent vest top. I had seen it in the store before, but it was a little pricey for me. On sale however I couldn't resist this - it is perfect for the under-the-sea trend that is a big hit this spring/summer. I love the pale, shimmering, iridescent hue on such a simple shape, which means it makes an impact but will still be easy to style.

Jumper - Topshop

Another sale find that I couldn't resist. This is the perfect, lightweight jumper for now - all my chunky ones are being banished from my wardrobe because I am optimistically believing that summer is just around the corner. This is such a fine, light knit that it will be ideal for the transitional weather, and the dove-grey hue means it will go with pretty much every item of clothing I own.

Jacket - Topshop

I have resolutely packed away my coats for this year, and the suddenly wintry weather has taken my remaining jackets and cover-ups by shock, so I was really excited when I found this jacket. Number one, it was a complete steal in the sale. Number two, it is cute, light and cropped enough that I won't feel depressed wearing it in April/May. Number three, it is so Chanel-esque that it hurts a little.

Bralet - Topshop

This is my final Topshop find, and I know what you're thinking. Yes, it's a slightly strange, retro-style bra. Well technically yes, this is probably meant to be underwear. But I intend to wear it as a very cute, vintage style bralet for a bit of a 1950s vibe. It looks enough like a top that you won't be able to tell it is underwear, especially by the time I am finished styling it. I just couldn't not buy it, I totally fell in love with the structured, vintage corset shape and those quirky giant polka dots.

Skirt - River Island

River Island has also become very dangerous territory for my debit card - I am literally in love with about 70% of their stock right now. My friend walked in and started pointing out all the things she could see me in and it took a lot of restraint not to go on a complete spending spree. I did however pick up this insanely cute 1950s style skirt. I just couldn't resist the kitsch cherry print and the gorgeous shape of this skirt - it's the ultimate curve creator on someone as curve-less as me! 

Shorts - Primark.

Okay, okay, maybe I am getting a little too obsessed with the 1950s Americana trend that is going on. But come on, just how Prada are these shorts? I have wanted some car print in my life for months now and procrastinated over the River Island car print pieces, always finding a reason not to buy them. These however were such a bargain that I couldn't find a reason! The print is so cute and fun that I just want to go running around on a beach in blazing sunshine, so I am hoping the weather picks itself up soon..

Skirt - New Look

I may have gone a little skirt-crazy here - but at least I am all set for mixing and matching my wardrobe now with the variety of prints! This gorgeous floral skirt caught my eye straight away with its bold blooms and rich blue background hue.. you know what I am like with florals. This will be so versatile for summer with its light fabric and flippy shape, and easy to pair with most of the tops I have.

Bracelet - Accessorize

Finally, something that isn't 1950s inspired! This harks back to a slightly earlier time still since it is reminiscent of the 1920s/30s costume jewellery worn by the screen sirens that are my idols. I just loved the slightly over the top feel of this bracelet and couldn't resist buying it to add a bit of glamour to my outfits.

Skirt - H&M

This is the last skirt, and the last item - I ordered it a week or so from H&M and it arrived on the same day as my haul.. Fate? Definitely. Especially since it will work so well with pretty much all of the tops I bought! This is another retro-inspired piece, a sweet-yet-chic lace pencil skirt. With its sharp, vintage cut I will have a gorgeously retro silhouette, and the candy-pink lace is the perfect pretty colour to wear in summer. This is an uber-feminine skirt, and will be so versatile. I love it!

And that is my haul! It is all deliciously summery - I am eagerly anticipating the warm days when I can wear the skirts and shorts without tights, and when the tops won't need to be covered with a jacket unless I specifically want them to be. For now, I am looking forward to layering them up for the transitional weather, and making good use of that Chanel-esque jacket. I am seeing a bit of a theme in my purchases though.. I am definitely being drawn towards retro glamour, from the 1920s to the 1950s. And why not? It was an undeniably stylish era, full of high octane fashion and screen icons. I am fast becoming obsessed with old black and white movies, so maybe my fashion sense is just reflecting my general interests. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that pretty much the entire fashion world is loving that era too..

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I love the topshop jumper and the river island skirt! You got some amazing pieces there! :) xx

  2. so many beautiful clothes!!! love it, love so so much your shorts! I have that H&M skirt too :) I´m following you , kisses


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  4. Girl you are out of control!!!! Hhaha! You always come out with the cuutttesssttt stuff!!! my fav is that pink skirt from HM- totally crushing on that color!

    xo Rachel

  5. love your topshop finds! there is no topshop near where I live, but I am soo excited to go to topshop this summer when i travel!

  6. i really love the shorts! the print is just perfect.

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  7. love your jacket!!!! it's absolutely adorable!
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  8. I love the cherry print and shape of your skirt, it's beautiful !
    H&M pink skirt is also great :)