Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Always meet your idols.

I'm sorry for being silent blog-wise for the past few days (again!) - it seems I have gained a social life in the past few weeks. I spent the most amazing weekend ever with my best friend Becca of Dress me I'm your mannequin., which of course wasn't long enough, and now I wish I was still up there with her. In the next few days expect a super-long post full of our beautiful faces, because we got a little carried away with the camera on Sunday morning & were both pretty photogenic that day..

But for now you will have to content yourselves with reading about how we are so LUCKY (lucky, lucky), because not only did we go to the Kylie Minogue Anti Tour in Manchester on Sunday night, but we also met her on Monday. Yes, that's right, we met Kylie Minogue.

Before I get carried away I just want to say that the Anti Tour was incredible. Kylie played so many songs that I never thought I would hear live - so many personal favourites suddenly became even more amazing. I couldn't choose a favourite song, or even a favourite part of the concert because it was literally all beautiful. It was brilliant to see Kylie having such a good time up there, and I think we were a fantastic audience because you could just tell that everyone absolutely adored her! I really hope it was a memorable concert for Kylie, because it was possibly the best one I have ever been to, and will stick in my memory forever. I didn't take any photos or video because photography/recording wasn't supposed to be allowed (although there are videos/pics everywhere now), and I don't mind because I would rather look directly upon the beautiful Miss Minogue than stare through a camera lens.

While waiting for the Sunday Anti Tour concert we actually missed her coming in and were gutted, and then when we were waiting at the stage door afterwards she only waved and got in her Lexus. We did catch a glimpse of Andres though, and he was tall, gorgeous and completely fit. No, can't see what she sees in him either.. That's when we decided to enter super-fan territory and stake out that stage door on Monday!

We spent Monday morning writing letters & decorating the envelopes, then went back to the Manchester Academy and waited. It took two hours and we were freezing cold, but then Kylie appeared and it was all worth it. We both managed to give her our letters, and while everyone else was thrusting posters in her face I tried to have a bit more conversation. It's all a bit of an ecstatic blur right now, but as far as I remember I managed to get the letter across, tell her I loved her, and say that the show last night was the best thing ever. And she spoke back to me, and even signed my arm. Yes, it will rub off, but the fact remains that one of my idols was around a foot away from me, touched me, smiled at me and spoke to me. My life is complete.

There is even video evidence that my mum discovered, thanks to MrQwer1234qwer1234 on youtube, who videoed Kylie's entire signing circuit and caught us on camera! Lots of love for him for that. Watch it from around 1.20 to see yours truly!

Sorry, you have to follow the link to see it, but believe me it is worth it. Now here's a snap of the lovely Kylie's signature on my arm. The writing will fade, but memories & photographs will last forever.

I also want to say how totally lovely Kylie is, making time to come and greet the fans on her way in and sign numerous autographs. People say don't meet your idols, probably because you will be disappointed by them or they will be rude or something, but if your idol is Kylie do everything you can to meet her! I may or may not sound like a crazy fan, but I'm cool with it. I am still riding the high of meeting Kylie and am bouncing along with the knowledge that life is beautiful because of that. One of my biggest dreams came true yesterday, and I still can't quite believe it..

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Tara!!! As a super Kylie fan I'm insanely jealous!!!!!!!! I'd kill to see her!!!!! Aaaah!!

    1. I thought you would be! It was the best moment of my life! xox

  2. Pretty rude of her to write 'Shit' on your arm though.

  3. wow congrats! glad one of your dreams came true ^^ thanks for sharing your story hun!

    Love from the NANA girls xoxo

  4. Congratulations!

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  5. Awesome you got to meet her!


  6. Sounds like a great time!! How exciting. So amazing! Looking forward to those photos and thank you so much, doll, for the follow!
    Dressology HQ

  7. amazing that you met Kylie!! x

  8. Congrats!

    I've been the superfan and waited outside venues to meet my idols. It was all beautiful and I partied with a band I love. They soon turned into tossers though. To this day I wouldn't do that again (s'pose I've grown out of it too).

    For that reason, I'm so glad Kylie is amazing as I'd imagine her to be. Bet you're thrilled!!

  9. Wow! That's amazing! Sounds like a great couple of days!


  10. Hello lovely! I tagged you in a blog post! Hope it shows just how much I adore your blog! <3