Sunday, 15 April 2012

Out and about again.

Yesterday afternoon I had a good catch-up with Florence, one of my closest friends, which consisted mostly of inhabiting a corner of Costa for a few hours and making a coffee last a long time.. But obviously I couldn't be in town without going into a few little shops! I know, I just keep shopping - maybe I have a spending addiction or something, but I just love shopping. The thrill of new clothes and knowing you look your absolute best are possibly the best feelings in the world, or at least good enough to make getting up for college worthwhile. This is what I wore to go to town..

Blazer - Blanco; Shorts - H&M; T-shirt - Pull & Bear; Shoes - Topshop; Bag - H! by Henry Holand; Tights - Primark; Bracelet - Temporary Secretary; Necklace - Accessorize.

I finally got up the courage to wear my peach pastel blazer, and I am glad I did. My black blazer is one of the most basic items in my wardrobe and goes with everything, which means it has an air of security around it, whereas the pastel blazer is a lot more of a statement. I absolutely love it though, and the way it makes me feel so much more bright and summery. It works well with these patterned shorts, which I also adore, and a simple print tee to make a casual, cute spring look. I also really like the colour mix of the peach blazer and the purple bag. I tried out a few of my new makeup buys too - the gold colour tattoo eyeshadow and popsticks lipstick, so expect a review soon.

I am not going to lie, the majority of my shopping haul this time came from Primark. Endlessly ridiculed as poor quality, cheap and tacky, Primark doesn't have the best rep on the high street, and I will admit that finding good items in there is like panning for gold - you've got to pick through a lot of dirt first.


This baroque print vest was such good value that I couldn't say no. I love a bold print and this will be perfect for some clashing - it's bold, bright and just the right side of trashy. And since this is a long top and I am really short, it will work as a dress over leggings for me!

Getting my five-a-day just got easier! With this fruit and veg print sundress I can look cute, quirky and healthy all summer. It may be just a simple dress, and might not last long, but with such transient trends a quick way to capture the look is just what I need.

I really do buy too many shirts. But there are just so many cute variations out there - patterned, sheer, printed, embellished, coloured, waterfall hem.. It is all too easy to buy and wear loads of them. They also go with any separates and are perfect for layering. This particular shirt was a must-buy thanks to the embellished collar, which just oozes tribal chic and will add interest to simplistic outfits.

After Primark I hit Miss Selfridge. I already had one thing in mind..

I may not do sportswear, but I do do retro glamour, and I am up for getting my high-driff out! Oh, and high-driff is the top part of your stomach - don't show belly button, but do bare some flesh this season. I love the lace detail on this bra top, and it is the perfect way to start out with bralets since it is in a simple shape and colour. I'll be pairing this with some of my many high-waisted items to hit the 1950s look.

I just couldn't resist a bit of sale jewellery! These earrings will be perfect with any tops that don't suit necklaces, and will create quite a statement. The ring is also a statement, and I love the sun shape because it makes me think of summer, my favourite season. The spikes could be a bit deadly though, so don't get on my bad side when I'm wearing it!

And that is the summary of yet another day out shopping - are there any other kinds of day out for me? What do you all think of my purchases? Also, I just wanted to say thankyou to everyone who has followed me and been commenting on my posts - it means a lot to me that anyone reads my posts and likes what I am saying.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. You look amazing, love your outfit.


  2. Good taste and grace for the fashion.

  3. I completely understand the shopping thing! I went to buy a blender this weekend and came home with shoes, a skirt, a dress, a sweater and some makeup!!! You found great items, love the baroque top and that dress is SO CUTE!!! Can't wait to see an outfit post with that one! Thank you for your comment on my blog, so lovely to see you there!
    Dressology HQ

  4. really great shopping items :) now following!


  5. You look amazing! And love both dresses, they seem perfects for the hot days coming. :)

    I'm a new follower, follow me?


  6. Your look is totally cute I lovvvvve mixing colors like that! And I totally feel you, sometimes you lose "street cred" for shopping at a "cheap" store, but, there are definitely cute things to be found and by golly we're going to find them and ROCK THEM! :D

    xO Rachel

  7. your black blazer does NOT go with everything! i like the new blazer much more. throw out the black one and PLEASE don't make the new one the thing you wear all the time, that's not fashionable, that's just plain boring and easy. i thought you liked pushing fashion boundaries, the blazer contradicts this!

    1. Don't knock the black blazer, a girl's gotta have a fallback! But I will take this comment as a compliment, if you think that before I have been pushing fashion boundaries.. :') xox

    2. i'll rephrase: "i thought you WANTED to push fashion boundaries" mix up the layers a bit and dont stop trying new things! xxx