Wednesday, 27 June 2012

London haul.

Bonjour mes chers, from sunny Paris! I am attempting to keep up with blogging a bit and have pre-written this before I left England...

Brace yourseves, this is gonna be a long one.. So go grab a cuppa and settle in for a little parade of my latest buys from the Shangri-La of high street shopping - Oxford Street. I keep on saying that I need to save money, and that I have a lot of clothes and could probably get by without many more, but when confronted with that surreal level of shopping heaven, I cave. And I cave big time..


There is no Forever 21 near me, so I hit this one hard! I love the 1920s feel of the first top, it will be ideal for going out, and the other pieces were picked up in the sale for my upcoming summer holiday.


This top was just so Mary Katrantzou, I couldn't resist!


Gonna get my retro on in this dress from Kelly Brook for New Look. Hello, Marilyn.


Me at the Topshop sale is like a kid in a sweet shop.. restraint was impossible. I ended up unable to resist a new cute sweatshirt, yet another gorgeous print, some sweet detailing and with a bit more 1920s fever.


Here's a motley collection of my jewellery buys.. All gorgeous, all irresistible. Stud Earrings & Shell Earrings - Forever 21. Bracelet & Ring - Topshop. Ear Cuff - H&M.


I was in heaven in the Food Hall, and ended up treating myself to something naughty but nice - Pink Vodka. Gorgeous. And anywhere that gives you free tasters of vodka at 12.30pm is alright by me.

Finally, the end of my London haul.. I have got some gorgeous pieces.. and not much money! Any favourites among my picks? I can't choose - I love them all.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Oooh, you make me want to go shopping now!!

  2. love the detail/surprise of the back on the first top!

  3. You bought some awesome clothes! I'm an American, headed to London very soon. I have forever 21 and HM near me, are there any stores that are unique to London and England itself that I should check out?

  4. Tara you got alot of great stuff while in London! I love the very last embellished top you bought from Topshop, and also the jewelry from F21 is fantastic!

  5. Adore your Topshop finds!

  6. WoW!!! A lot of really beautiful clothing!!!
    Have a nice day!

  7. oh my goodness so cute!
    all of it!
    check out our post!

  8. haha i always tell myself i wont buy stuff then i do...ahh being a shopping addict :) love all the pieces look forward to seeing you style them!


  9. I love these items! Especially the Topshop sweater

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  10. Amazing purchases!
    I love almost everything! <3