Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ready for a dip!

This is just going to be a quick little post about a piece that has finally made its way into my wardrobe, and not a moment too soon! You may remember that recently I posted a wishlist of retro inspired swimwear (see the original post here) and wanted pretty much all of the pieces I looked at. Well, as of now I have a gorgeous retro-inspired swimsuit - and yes, I am still a little surprised to be reverting back to a one-piece.

Swimsuit - River Island

For once I have ended up with one of my original picks, and seeing it in the flesh (or fabric) only convinced me that it was the perfect swimsuit for me. I absolutely love the pink daisy pattern because it is bright and eye-catching and will look perfect on a tropical beach with a tan. The ruffled detailing around the bust is very cute and retro, as well as perfect for maximising my petite figure (aka, I have no curves so I need to create them). Another 1950s inspired feature is the halterneck, which is again perfect for creating the silhouette, and also this particular costume does stay up without the halterneck, so while sunbathing I can avoid the awkward tan lines.. Now I can't wait to go on holiday to hit the beach 1950s style - I may even have to try and organise a group trip down to a British beach, just to show it off!

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Oh it's absolutely gorgeous, I love the ruffles and the bold print :)! I really want to get a vintage swimming costume but never know where sells them xx

  2. This is such a beautiful suit. I'm loving seeing your summer style come together; so inspiring!

  3. This swimsuit is really pretty. It is kind of retro with the floral print.
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  4. What a cute print! I love it, so pretty

  5. Lovely blog :)
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  6. really nice! let's follow each other? i'm following you now. :)

  7. aw i can't wait to be in a bathing suit soon!!