Saturday, 4 February 2012

You and I, we were born to die.

A new, intoxicating, overpowering obsession has been creeping up on me for a while now, and it completely overtook me this week. You might have guessed it from the title - the latest phenomenon in my life is girl-of-the-moment Lana Del Rey. Her haunting vocals on the viral hit Videogames won me over from the second I heard the track, the second single Born To Die is a dreamy, edgy masterpiece of a song that I am incredibly attached to and my high expectations for her album were met and surpassed when it finally got released on Monday. I haven't listened to anything else for 5 days, and Lana's incredible voice is now the soundtrack to my life. As well as the fact that she has an insane talent, her vintage look and mesmerising attitude make her easily the hottest new thing on the music/fashion/celeb scene.

There's a lot of hate going on for Lana though, from the constant speculation about whether she's had collagen in her lips (honestly, who cares?) to derogatory comments about her live performances, but mostly about the fact that she has created an entire persona, a character that she presents, because she has gone from Lizzie Grant to Lana Del Rey. Personally, I find it strange how people can criticise her for reinventing herself to succeed, when there is Gaga on the scene! Also, as an admittedly image-obsessed person, I love the fact that she has built up such an immaculate mystique, with a vintage pin-up image and gorgeous jazz-inspired music. One of my favourite descriptions of her character came from a magazine, that she presents herself as 'a beautiful disaster', but nobody describes Lana better than Lana herself - 'gangster Nancy Sinatra'.

I actually wish I could be Lana. Look like her, dress like her, act like her, sing like her. Since that's physically impossible, I am going to settle for style stalking her and obsessively listening to her album. Oh, and creating this little (okay long) post to see if I can inspire you with Lana too..

This week has been very Del Rey, since, the album came out on Monday and she is the cover star of this month's Vogue - and looking stunning in new season Louis Vuitton.

I absolutely love this photoshoot - it is effortlessly glamorous in a more-is-more, retro-starlet way that just epitomises Lana's character. The outfits are cute, kitsch, quirky and gorgeous - I especially want the Vuitton blouse she wears on the cover, but that's not going to happen. I'm hoping for some high street copycat pieces soon. As well as being dressed incredibly (those red heels.. swoon), Lana looks simply stunning. I honestly think she is beautiful - it is the combination of that retro-waved, burnt-orange hair, her infamous pout and her quirky personality shining through the pictures..

These next photos are more that showcase her edgy-retro style, which I long to steal. Everything she wears for her photoshoots is quirky, gorgeous and could have been made for her. She is also totally on top of the trends - 1950s styling is very du jour, you know, and Lana has been working it for months. Also, she manages to get shot in some amazing pieces from the SS'12 catwalks..

See what I mean? Insane jealousy for her wardrobe. The last shot is from the spectacular video for Born To Die (which was complete with tigers), and I think the dress looks much better on Lana, styled with her vintage siren waves and red pout, with the quirk factor being ramped up with the blue flower headpiece.

In the real world, or as close as Del Rey will ever get, she still looks incredible. When on stage she remains every inch the screen siren diva, even managing to make jeans and a hoodie look retro-fabulous. How does she do it?

Yet more flawless looks from Lana - I know we are venturing away from the parameters of "fashion" and into the realm of "obsessed with LDR" here, but I just find her image so inspiring. I will be doing my best to base at least some of my SS'12 styles on her looks, when the trends finally filter down into the high street so I can afford them! Her immaculate makeup and hair is also enviable - I foresee some serious eyeliner flicks and maybe even an attempt to force my hair into waves in the future!

Okay, now we are definitely in the world of "just posting beautiful pictures", but they are so inspiring! I am aching for fully-loaded glamour now, and even more ready to dive into SS'12's super-pretty retro-fabulous pieces. Oh Lana, you inspiration, you.

I think by now you can see exactly why I love Lana Del Rey and her admittedly fabricated image. She might not be being honest, open and true Adele-style like a lot of singers are trying to be at the moment, but she did try to make it as Lizzie Grant & it didn't happen. Besides, when the creation is this stunning I simply cannot do anything but be inspired. I told you - new obsession. I predict great things from Lana, both musically as her album is a hit worldwide, and sartorially if she continues to present herself in this vintage, playful, sexy, highly glamorous way. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

What do you think of LDR? Are you a fan like me, or are you a member of the parade of haters she seems to be gathering? Love and kisses, Tara xox


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