Sunday, 5 February 2012

I take dressing up quite seriously.

Honestly, invite me to your party and I am a happy bunny... but then invite me to your party and give me a dress-up theme and I am yours forever. I put a lot of consideration into getting dressed just to go to college or shopping in town or a friend's house, so when you give me a proper opportunity to go wild with my look I jump on it. It doesn't even have to be glamorous - I love fancy dress! I know a lot of people dislike being told to properly dress up & can be a bit half-hearted about it, but I love it. I take a similar approach to my everyday dressing in that the fancy dress costume must be well considered, a bit individual and preferably never been seen before.

This post extolling the virtues of dressing up is not just random though, it has been brought on by a party I went to last night, where the theme of the night was 'Bears', inspired by the birthday girl's nickname - Clarebear. I was a bit stuck for ideas at first, but I think I managed to pull off something interesting...

Faux Fur Jacket - borrowed from friend; Dress - Topshop; Tights - Primark; Slippers - New Look; Polar Bear Hat - ebay.
Yes, I am a polar bear. I told you I take dressing up seriously! One serious plus of this outfit was how incredibly warm I was on the drive over, as well as the fact I clearly look ridiculously cool.. The downsides were overheating at the party & having to shed my layers, as well as the scary impracticality of wearing head-to-toe white while trying to drink Sangria. I can't really talk about how this outfit came together, since it is pretty obvious (white + fur = polar bear), so all I am going to say is that now you can see I am not always totally serious and dedicated to my fashion, I let my hair down too...

I am now going to put on my shame face because I have realised I spent all evening at the party and took no pictures. And I call myself a fashion blogger! I should have been practically attached to my camera, but no. Shame on me. Anyway, all that remains to say is that I hope Clarebear had an amazing time, because I certainly did! Happy 18th you little adult you!

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. you look great! obsessed with your hat! :)

  2. haha nice :) hat looks so warm!

  3. Too fun!!! I love your blog and I love your style and I would love to have you as a follower of the Style~ Spotlighted!!! I will gladly return the gesture ;) Hope to see you very soon!

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