Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blending in just isn't my style.

I'm not going to lie, when it comes to fashion I have never been one for fading into the background. I am certainly not afraid to be different - I will wear what I want simply because I like it, and I won't be trapped into a trend just because all my friends are wearing it. Sometimes people say they like what I am wearing, but wouldn't go for it themselves, or sometimes I just get odd looks as I am out and about, but as long as I am satisfied with my outfit then I am happy! Don't assume I am this secure and confident about everything else in my life though.. But my style is one thing I am very proud of. I have also learned that when I take risks, the outfits are usually even better, which is why I love trying new things. Hence today's slightly bright look..

Blazer - ASOS; Top, Shoes & Ring - Topshop; Skirt - River Island; Tights - Primark Earrings - Versace for H&M; Necklace - Accessorize; Bracelet - Temporary Secretary.
Up until recently, I would have thought that pink & orange was a match made in fashion hell (where there is a special place for eye-wateringly bad colour-clash offenders) but in light of the recent anything-goes attitude drifting in from the catwalks, it now seems like the perfect combination. It seems to be almost a challenge to try and put together the most clashy, clashed-up outfit at the moment - apparently if it feels wrong, it is most likely right! I will admit, I could have gone much further and added some more colour/patterns, but it is still winter, so you have to tone it down a little. Therefore I opted for some polka dot tights (I'm still not over that AW'11 trend), my beloved glitter ballet flats and my trusty black blazer to frame the clash. The starting point of the whole look was this new sun top (bought at the weekend!) and I have to say I completely love it! The unusual straps add real detail to the neckline, while the graphic floral print looks playful, retro and completely mid-century modern.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Hello,
    very nice look!
    Like the combination of girlish top and skirt with classy blazer. Looks really cool on you!

  2. i like that top! can't believe it's toppers!!!

  3. nice style! check out my blog and if you like it we can follow each other! xoxo