Friday, 3 February 2012

I never check the weather report.

Jumper & Earrings - Topshop; Denim Shirt - River Island; Jeans & Slippers - New Look; Ring - Accessorize.
Laughing in the face of the -8 degrees that it apparently was this morning, I decided that I was sick to death of my winter coats. Okay, in all fairness I did not realise how cold it was when I left the house, I didn't hear that ridiculous temperature until I got into college, but I still noted the frost and elected not to wear a coat. I will probably rethink this decision if it gets much chillier (or stays the same) but for now I can't quite bear to pick one up.. I did however layer up a little with my denim shirt and slouchy, oversized, chunky knit jumper, and the jeans were close to sensible. My poor little feet did get quite frozen - but it was so worth it to wear my sweet new slippers, which I got a fair few compliments on! This look is quite different to yesterday's, but like always, it perfectly summed up my mood - comfortable, slightly masculine, and pretty quirky. It is also the closest to minimal I will go.

Today felt quite pointless, in terms of the effort needed to go to college only to waste my morning with a free period in the canteen & a cancelled lesson in town, then go to double history in the afternoon and not really do that much productive work... Admittedly, I would have been even less productive at home, and yes, it was fun to hang out with my friends, but still. The point still stands that by the time I was on the way home I was a little unimpressed with today (the cold didn't help anything) and was therefore even more excited to get a mystery package from my mum, which turned out to be... a dress from Mary Katrantzou's previous Topshop collection!

It's no secret that Mary Katrantzou is probably my favourite designer right now, because her designs are so unique and inspiring, and it's pretty obvious that I am waiting with baited breath for the Topshop collection to drop. I wish I had a few thousand to invest in one of her latest catwalk pieces, but since I don't I will be frantically hitting the Topshop website on February 17th at 9am to try and get my paws on a gorgeous piece from the collaboration. Anyway, apparently my mum wanted to make sure I owned some Katrantzou even if the Topshop collection slips through my fingers like the second Versace for H&M collection did, so she found me a dress from a previous collection!

I love the simple T-shirt shape of this dress, as well as the incredible graphic print - this is the perfect statement day dress. I cannot wait to wear it, and I am so happy to have it now because it is a little piece of Mary's genius.. I will just have to not get too fat over the weekend, since it is pretty unforgiving (it's very bodycon). This was the perfect end to the week, now that my collection of designer collaborations is growing and has been expanded by my designer of choice, Mary Katrantzou!

I just realised that the Topshop collaboration drops in two weeks time - excitement! And the next collaboration I am awaiting after that is Marni for H&M on March 8th. H&M and Topshop apparently have the best designer buddies. Love and kisses, Tara xox


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