Sunday, 19 February 2012

Star Style Obsession - Tali Lennox

Tali Lennox is the model daughter of Annie, and while I am not really a fan of Annie, or that interested in models for anything other than clothes, this girl has definitely popped up on my style radar. I won't even begin to claim I like anything other than her sense of fashion here, but really, that's enough to merit a good old style obsession. I find her outfits inspiring because they seem to radiate a kind of effortless, quirky cool that almost transcends the trends - her outfits are always in style, yet she doesn't appear to be a slave to fashion. 

A black dress is boring, right? Wrong. The choice of fabric here makes this dress anything but dull - crochet adds a quirky and slightly sexy touch to this outfit, given the sheerness of it. I also love that vampy lipstick and mussed up hair, which is the perfect compliment to her dress.

Working another maxi, but this time looking dreamy and romantic, Tali shows how versatile her look can be. I totally adore the almost watercolour print and hue of this dress, and the way the ribbon cinches in her waist.

Leopard print can so easily stray into the realms of trashy, but Tali keeps it cool, glamorous and slightly sexed up with some gorgeous hair, a classically chic cut and shape to her dress, some killer red heels and that beautiful model pout.

This is my absolute favourite look. It's jaw-dropping, show-stopping and more than a little bit brave. The dress itself is stunning - that embellishment is literally gorgeous, and don't get me started on that flowing train. It's just the overall sheerness and flesh-flashing that makes this one a brave choice, but there is no denying that Tali has the body to pull it off, and kudos to her if she has the confidence to go with it.

Back to black again, this time in some cool and casual separates. I love that she has made a jumper & jeans work on the red carpet, thanks to a statement coat, quirky hat and heeled boots. 

Tali seems to have a knack for making things work - on pretty much anyone else this would just be a complete faux pas, but not on her. She looks like a slightly cooler version of a St Trinians girl, especially with that black pleated skirt and her hat perched on her head. I love how quirky she looks, and I am also so jealous that her she pulls off that tied up shirt that flashes some midriff.

Now this is a fashion masterclass in how to look achingly cool. Again, this probably shouldn't work as an ensemble, but somehow on Tali it does. I keep trying to pick a favourite item from this look, and I just can't choose. I wish I could wear a hat like she does, and that faux fur jacket is ice cool.

Working yet another cute'n'quirky hat, Tali looks amazing off-duty too. Her ankle boots are literally to die for, and they really help rev up her simple jeans-and-a-top combo, along with that faux fur embellished jacket. Here's to wishing I could look this good day in day out!

Finally, a floral print that literally makes me want to jump through the computer screen, rip the dress off her and steal it. Along with her hat and shoes. Oh, Tali, why so cool 24/7? This is the perfect spring look, and would translate really well to this season too.

So what do you all think of Tali's style? It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I love her slightly off-beat way of pulling outfits together, as well as just how versatile her look is. And anyone with a collection of hats that amazing is a winner in my sartorial book.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Great style, I love almost all the dresses! <3

  2. With this I find another style inspiration. The girl really knows how to dress and I love her style. Definitely go for Tali. :)
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  3. I like her, and as you, I love her transparence dress!!!!
    check out my new post xoxo

  4. great style inspiration!

  5. i love all these looks! awesome x

  6. I really love her style, and I've never heard of her before! I love how she wears unique and quirky things, regardless of whether they are on trend or not! My favourite has to be the pale blue maxi dress, it's so unique and dreamy xx