Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Who's a lucky girl then?

I don't even know how to start.. I suppose with a massive thankyou, lots of love and cyber kisses for MyDaily UK and, since I won their£500 to on my-wardrobe, thanks to the See It Tag It Love It competition. All of the prizes are incredible, and I was blown away to have won anything - especially a legitimate chance to spend, spend, spend minus the guilt! MyDaily & my-wardrobe, you are now my NBFs.

Choosing what to buy was a long, excitable, difficult, enjoyable process, since I have never had a chance like this before (God, don't I sound sweet/pathetic..), and after I picked my items I was half expecting to find out it wasn't real - you know what they say about "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".. But it was for real, and my gorgeous, gorgeous pieces came today! I got very overexcited, and a little carried away taking pictures, so prepare yourself for a long-ass post about my first ever designer shopping spree.

Oh the excitement I felt when I saw these little packages.. I took my time opening them, trying (and failing) not to rip the paper - I felt like a kid on Christmas day. First to be opened was this gorgeous Lola Rose bracelet, which came in a sweet little pink bag.

Okay, okay, so there are more photos of the pretty packaging than the actual bracelet.. but I fell in love as soon as I saw that cute pink bag! The bracelet itself is something I adore, but would never have been able to afford if it wasn't free - Lola Rose is a fash-pack favourite, thanks to her combination of semi-precious stones and cute charms. I chose this sweet rose quartz one with a little star because it is pastel-hued, and my name means star so it is kind of personal.

My second beautiful, *free* designer purchase was this green belt by Malene Birger. It was purely an impulse buy, a complete what-the-hell moment, and I wouldn't have bought it, or anything like it, had I not had this opportunity. But I just love how kitsch it is, yet stylish and almost elegant at the same time. The bright hue combined with the plastic just makes it so sweet and unusual, it is the perfect detail to pull together and rev up some of my day-to-day outfits.

The grand finale of my £500 shopping spree (and the thing that took up most of that money) was my first mainline designer dress. I am now the proud owner of a D&G velvet & lace LBD, which I intend to wear, love and keep forever. I saw it on the site and couldn't drag myself away - with an opportunity like this, you want something spectacular, and I simply adore this dress. The mix of textures adds interest and detail to a classic shape, while making sure it remains chic and timeless. I love the side panels and bow belt too, for the sweet yet sexy detail. When I opened this up I literally ran around my house hyperventilating at the fact I was wearing D&G - not cool, I know, but incredibly necessary.

So yes, today is the day I finally got my first real designer items, and they will stay with me all my life I am sure. My favourite thing is of course that dress, it is stunning, it is chic, and it is D&G! I can't wait to christen it by wearing it out to a party, but at the same time I don't want to waste it's first appearance on something that isn't special.. Whatever. For now I am just enjoying looking at it all wrapped up in its garment bag.. 

Once again, thank you so much to MyDaily UK and for making a little fashion blogger's dreams come true! And if you thought my designer tastes were satisfied, you'd be wrong.. my appetite has just been whetted by this stunning dress. Sorry about poor picture quality, but what do you guys all think? Was that the right way to spend £500? 

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Oh wow! You really are lucky! That dress was a great buy, its really beautiful! x

  2. Good post. I´ll be back here more often.

  3. what a lovely dress! super jealous!