Sunday, 12 February 2012

Star Style Obsession - Michelle Williams

This star cropped up on my fashion radar relatively recently, since I only really started paying attention to her after seeing her stunning portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn. I then noticed her on red carpets galore, and was captivated by her style. I especially adore her hair - it takes a truly brave and beautiful woman to pull off such a daring crop, and Michelle makes it work perfectly. I would never be courageous enough to go for the chop myself, but she looks so good that it is almost tempting.. It amazes me how she can make such a dramatic cut look so sweet and feminine, especially with all of those gorgeous red carpet dresses she wears! If I am honest, I prefer her on-duty style, so this post is basically a dedication to Michelle Williams' vast collection of amazing dresses..

Kicking things off in a gorgeous Victoria Beckham dress (let's not get into how much I love the VB designs..), Michelle looks picture perfect. Cute, quirky, sweet and elegant at the same time. Oh, and let's not forget perfectly accessorized - those classic black heels are perfect, and that boxy clutch adds an extra level of interest. Well played, Michelle.

This girl really knows how to work a mini-dress! I am quite impressed with her ability to pull off such a sheeny satin fabric, it's not easy, but she manages to look stunning. I adore the embellishment.

On anyone else I am pretty sure that this level of leg-baring combined with the focus on her chest thanks to the strapless style would look more than a little cheap and tacky, especially in bright white, but not on Michelle. I think it's due to the simple accessorizing, along with her natural skin tone and that sweet, simple makeup. I just hope she didn't spill anything, white is a very high maintenance colour!

It's not only minis that Michelle can work, she knows how to rock a good maxi as well - if 'rock' is the right word to apply to such a dreamy dress. Proving Lady Gaga's prediction that mint will be big in fashion, she practically floated down the red carpet in this pastel-hued confection. I love the way she has managed to make such a plunging neckline work and not look trashy by combining it with a floor-skimming hemline, romantic colour and her sweeter-than-sugar natural beauty.

Pulling yet another sweet look out of the bag here, this flowing dress suits Michelle to perfection. I am also a little bit in love with her hair here - she is proving just how versatile a pixie crop can be.

Showing yet more hair versatility with this midnight-blue hairband, Michelle works another cuter-than-cute maxi dress. The unusual choice of fabric really makes this stand out, since velvet isn't one you often see making the rounds on the red carpet. Kudos to her for daring to be a little bit different.

This really is picture perfect, and totally on trend. Channelling some suburban housewife style here in a gorgeously printed, fitted dress and muted red lipstick, Michelle is making wallpaper prints infinitely wearable, and showing us all exactly how to work the 50s look.

Going back to black is anything but boring in this combination. This is like an incredibly subtle print clash, which works because sometimes it is not all about eye-watering prints and colour that practically screams at you -  a subtle mix of patterns is enough to nail that quirky vibe and make head-to-toe black a lot more interesting.

Once again, Michelle is a vision in pale pastels. This slightly sheer, embellished, floor-sweeping dress might not leave much to the imagination, but she still looks incredibly classy and elegant. The silhouette created here is simply to die for - can I be her? Please?

Monochrome is always in fashion, especially in such a sharp, clean, gorgeous dress as this. I love the unusual colourway of this dress, and the way the belt defines her shape, as well as just how well her hair highlights those black shoulder panels. Her classic accessorizing lets the dress do all the talking, and what it is saying is simply show-stopping.

Straight from the BAFTAs this evening, another monochromatic beauty of a dress has made an appearance. This is probably my favourite look of the night (BAFTAs-wise I mean), and I cannot pin the reason down to one single thing. That classic, simple dress shows off Michelle's amazing figure, while the little corsage at her waist adds the perfect detail. And don't even start me on the accessorizing. Yet another gorgeous boxy clutch, and some screen siren red lips are the perfect compliments to that dress. This is just all-round perfect in my opinion.

Unlike some of my other style obsessions, Michelle Williams is not crazy-quirky, she doesn't wear lobsters on her head (Gaga, I'm looking at you), and for some reason I cannot get into her off-duty style. However, her red carpet event looks are simply perfect, and if I ever get the chance to go to a serious black-tie party, or even a red carpet, I want to look half as stunning as her. For once, I find myself liking a less-is-more approach to styling, because her minimal accessorizing is faultless and really lets her statement gowns speak for themselves. 

In my opinion she is also a modern hair icon, since she wears and styles her signature crop so well. It suits her elfin features beautifully, and I love the way she plays up to her natural beauty, rarely opting for crazy makeup. This is one of the things that makes her looks so sweet and innocent - even when she is flashing the flesh, that demure, innocent smile and pared-back makeup stop her ever looking trashy. Michelle's style teaches me quite a lot.. That it is okay to go minimal when you're wearing a show-stopper of a dress. That short hair can be just as glamorous as long. And finally, how to walk that fine line between girl-next-door-sexy and The-Only-Way-Is-Essex-trashy.

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. she's gorgeous!!

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  3. shes beautiful! that black and white dress is my fave.

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  4. love that she never misses on the red carpet!!!
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  5. the first dress is amazing! i recently saw victoria beckham wearing her own design in pink. so pretty!