Monday, 20 February 2012

Finally, some Katrantzou is mine..

The first day back after half term is always pretty painful, especially the February half term when you realise there is only a term and a half left of the year. I am currently half way through my final year in college, getting prepped to sit MAJOR exams, and slightly freaking out. So excuse me if from now on my blogging gets more and more rushed and makes less and less sense...

Anyway, to cheer up such an unattractive prospect as the first day back, I decided to go bold with what I was wearing, and also try to compliment my new hair (which I am still not used to).

Blazer - ASOS; Blouse - Lefties; Jeans - H&M; Slippers - New Look; Belt - Primark; Necklace & Bracelet - Accessorize; Earrings & Ring - Topshop.

When trying to step out of the ordinary and rev up a day-to-day outfit, metallic jeans are a fail-safe option, especially in this glamorous gold. Metallics are not just for party season anymore either - they are shaping up to be one of SS'12's big trends for day and night. To dress mine down (but still chic) for day I went for a matchy-matchy coral blouse and slippers combo, topped off with my black blazer which is probably overworn already.. A quick slick of lipstick, some cute gold accessories, ten minutes spent styling my (new) hair and I was good to go!

Now, the outfit wasn't the only way that this first day back was brightened up - oh no. I am sure you are all aware that a certain Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection dropped last Friday, and that I was absolutely desperate to get my little paws on a piece or two.. Well, I'm ecstatic to say I was successful, and today I arrived home to this..
3 gorgeous little (well, quite large actually) packages waiting for me. And inside were 3 beautiful pieces of Mary Katrantzou's genius collaboration.

First up is this cute floral print t-shirt. Mary's latest catwalk was all about florals, so it doesn't surprise me that she has continued to use them as an inspiration. I love the graphic, digital blooms on this black top, and the sleek, slightly oversized cut makes it perfect for tucking in or wearing straight out. I foresee some print mixing with this little baby!

The second piece, and possibly my favourite overall is this absolutely incredible blouse. If I loved the digital floral prints on the first top, I think it's safe to say my brain is overloaded with love for these stunning computer-generated flowers. The unnaturally bright hues and soaring, swirling petals that sprawl across the soft, chiffon-like sheer fabric of the blouse are simply breathtaking in my opinion. When I finally looked past the aesthetics of this shirt, I did get slightly confused though.. both sides have a collar, so until I saw the label I was honestly baffled as to which way round it was supposed to be worn, since the 'back' and 'front' are both equally gorgeous. If you trust the label, the buttons go on the back, but I may end up wearing it both ways round just because it looks beautiful from all angles.

The last thing I managed to snap up on Friday was this beautiful shift dress. Usually I stay away from shift dresses, due to my height, but this one is incredible. Again, the digital print is so eye-catching I can't tear my eyes off it, especially that stylized bird. Mary Katrantzou is literally a creative genius for designing something this gorgeous and this wearable, and making it so affordable that a humble little Topshop girl like myself can own it.

Along with the purchases came a *free* Mary Katrantzou for Topshop printed bag.. And since it took 3 separate orders to get my 3 pieces, I am now the proud owner of 3 of these bags!

These are also amazing, and I can't believe they were just giving them away with the orders! I am also glad I have three, because now one can be kept pristine and the other two can be used, abused and shown off. 

I am completely in love with my Mary Katrantzou for Topshop haul - I am now the proud owner of three gorgeous, bold and wearable pieces by arguably my favourite designer of the moment! I can't wait to wear the pieces, although it feels a waste just to wear them to college.. but then letting them gather dust in their garment bags feels equally wasteful. I guess I will just have to see what special occasions come up soon.. 

What do you all think of my Mary Katrantzou gems? Did anyone else manage to pick up any items? Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I love your outfit, you look great! I also love the gorgeous tops =)

    new follower by the way!

  2. i love love love your goodies!
    i need more corals in my life hehe!


    1. coral is such a good spring colour :) xox

  3. I love the second piece a lot...Those are all great outfit.
    I'm a new follower of your blog. Please visit mine and follow me back if you like :)

  4. Good luck with your exams! I love your outfit by the way, the metallic jeans are so cool and I love how you styled them. I didn't pick up anything from that topshop collection! I love the first piece though xx