Friday, 17 February 2012

Change is a good thing.

All my life I have been known as "the short girl with the really long hair" - not the most imaginative nickname, but a pretty accurate description. But from now on, that nickname just won't fit. Yes, I remain "the short girl" but as for long hair.. not so much. I always used to love my long hair. I didn't even go to a hairdresser's until I was 11, at which point I was constantly sitting on my hair. Long hair has been a staple part of my look for so long - it compliments all my clothes and was so minimal-effort when it came to styling that I could fall back on it to ensure I looked "done". I also tended to hide behind it, both style-wise and in lessons, which is kind of lazy and not very good!

Until very recently though if you asked me if I would cut my hair short the answer would have been 'no way Jose' - and then shorter hair began playing on my mind.. and I decided to just go for it. Et voila, here's my new look!

This shoulder-skimming style is the shortest hair I have had in about 15 years, probably since I was a cute little toddler whose hair had barely had time to grow.. and after that many years of super-long hair, this feels incredibly strange. It was scary, exciting and liberating to go for the chop, and although it is taking some getting used to, I like it. I kept my block fringe, because I know it suits my face, but this really is quite a radical change for me, especially if you know me well. I like the versatility of this length because it can do up or down, and now it is short my hair stands half a chance of holding a curl. For now I have just flicked the ends under to give more bounce to it.

As well as going for a serious change in length, I decided to mess around with the colour too, opting for a subtly graduating colour in the ends - like a dip-dye, but less shockingly different from root to tip. I just felt like lightening up for summer (possibly getting ahead of myself here) and trying something different. I may be around a year late for the ombre hair trend, but I am loving it now. It took an insanely long time in the salon, because they tried to give me almost blonde ends (not what I was going for), but after bleaching, dyeing and re-dyeing, I am happy with the final product.

My parents already said they are only just getting used to it - and bear in mind I am being slow posting, and I got this cut on Wednesday! - and I am expecting a few reactions on Monday when I go back to college. Hopefully all positive, because although I do like my new hair, I can't be quite sure it suits me until other people have told me so! Insecure? A little..

Now here is my new hair in action as I went out for lunch today with my mum..

Blazer - ASOS; Dress, Shoes, Earrings & Ring - Topshop; Tights & Socks - Primark; Bag - Tous; Necklace - Temporary Secretary.
We went to a local veggie restaurant and had some pretty tasty lunch (we shared a red thai curry & a smoky black bean chilli, followed by chocolate fudge cake), after which I rolled myself back home and somehow lost all my time on blogging and online shopping. For shame. I couldn't stop playing with and looking at my new haircut, and I love how polished and done it makes me look.

Oh, and just to prove I don't always look good and that the above photos were the best of the many, many photos taken - of which around 90% were not attractive - and to give you some laughs, here's me giggling inanely like a dork..

Aren't I gorgeous..

Well, what do you all think of the new Tara? Or at least her new hair? Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. I've always admired your long hair but I must say this is gorgeous, I love it! You're so pretty :)

  2. Like your new hairstyle
    especially the colour!

  3. I am loving your new look tara - and that meal sounds lush!!

    1. thankyou, I'm getting used to it! the meal was gorgeous xox

  4. Your hair looks nice! Love the bangs!

    1. aw thankyou, glad it was a good choice to go for! xox

  5. Aww your new hair is so lovely!!! Change is good sometimes. Now I really want to eat Thai red curry!!!!!

    Mabel Time

  6. Amazing look ! you're so sweet ! kiss x

  7. Inspirational! I'm following! Wanna follow each others blog?

    The Stylectures