Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Catwalk Obsession - Meadham Kirchhoff

I know, I know, you were probably expecting the big V-Day post, full of love, sweetness and me gushing over how lucky I am.. Unfortunately I am a sad, lonesome little blogger who seems to be perpetually single, so there will be no gushing. I did get an anonymous card through the post which made me feel a little bit loved, but that's besides the point. And the point is that I am not about to go all crazy for Valentines Day since I don't really have anyone to share it with. I am instead going to spend the evening with some of my also-single ladies and have a good old girlie time! So I am now going to share a post that I have been meaning to for a while.. I have just been waiting for a day when nothing else was going on.

And it is oddly appropriate, since this post is dedicated to my love for the Meadham Kirchhoff SS'12 show. So many bloggers have been raving about it already that I do feel a bit behind the times (but then timing has never been my strong point). Anyway, this show and collection is absolutely amazing - my best description is like combining a circus with a pick-n-mix bag and shaking it all up to create an explosion of pastels, prints and kitsch-cute clothes. Before said collection, Meadham Kirchhoff was not a name I'd ever come across, but now it is firmly on my radar, if not for outfits to copy completely..

If this isn't the perfect V-Day look, I don't know what is. Okay, so the wild candyfloss hair may scare off any potential dates, but the outfit is ridiculously cute. And talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.. (okay, chest, whatever).

Seriously kitsch, this primary colour ensemble is probably more fitted to a 90s children's TV presenter than the fash-pack, but that's what makes it cool. I love the combination of colours, and that checkered cat makes this outfit incredibly unique. And I think you see where the circus comes into Meadham Kirchhoff's collection - check out that curly wig, bold eye makeup and painted mouth, this is classic clown styling, but cute.

Like I said, these looks might not be ones to replicate exactly (I'm not sure I'll be dying my eyebrows orange any time soon..) but you can draw inspiration from the small things. For example, this look is making me crave sorbet pastels, and I also really want to wear pearls with a high collar, vintage style.

A little less vintage inspired here, this is a more party-ready outfit. I absolutely love the cutout detail of the dress, as well as the oversized collar. I also never thought I would want to wear blue glitter tights, but now I really really do!

I just adore how retro-cute this look is! The exaggerated beehive and sunglasses are a complete step back in time, which work perfectly with the sorbet pastels, and are just OTT enough to compliment that feather miniskirt and those yellow knee-highs.

You just can't beat a good flouncy skirt - nothing else in the world makes me feel more girlie and dressed up. Also, yet more hearts are cropping up, along with that super-sweet rainbow motif.. maybe this collection was just designed for Valentine's Day! It certainly fits..

I would absolutely never be brave enough to wear those shorts, although I adore the fringing! They are the perfect playful juxtaposition to that incredibly structured jacket, and I really like the tonal quality of this ensemble. Colourwise, it is not very adventurous but it works well because every piece is in a slightly golden hue.

Once again I love the cutout detail, and the quirky shape is gorgeous. It almost reminds me of Mary Katrantzou's iconic lampshade skirt in that it is super-structured.

Now this look just makes me think of Marie Antoinette gone bad. There is something about the almost corset-like structure of that yellow and blue playsuit and the abundance of ruffles, combined with the pastel hues and hair piled up that reminds me of her.. just if she had let herself go quite a lot, and come to the 21st century.

This colour combination is truly inspiring. Anyone could have come up with mixing their pastels like an ice cream bowl, so the mint skirt, strawberry jacket and blueberry shirt are gorgeous, yet hardly groundbreaking.. but then when styled with a flash of tartan, some neon hair and socks so orange they make your eyes burn, this outfit suddenly becomes showstopping. You wouldn't think it would work, and for your average, day-to-day mortal, this wouldn't, but the superhuman circus of fashion at Meadham Kirchhoff pulls it off with ease.

This is another slightly Marie Antoinette look - that structured dress with the almost baroque pattern in powder blue and gold screams French renaissance, but with a modern twist. The piled up hair and long white socks only add to that impression.

You might have noticed that the shoes all the way through the Meadham Kirchhoff show have been crazy, embellished and super-colourful... Well here's one up close. All of the footwear for this show was made by Nicholas Kirkwood, and I have to say I love it. I am not sure I could ever pull it off, because from the ruffles to the glitter and the pom-poms this is all just a little too clown-girl for me. However, I love how well he has matched his designs to the Kirchhoff clothes, and the flatform style is something I will definitely be looking in to..

Possibly my favourite little detail from this catwalk show is the nail wraps. Just how cute are these?? The images match up to some of Meadham Kirchhoff's clothes - the bear and that heart for example, and the pastel colours are just divine. Honestly, if I could get my hands on these I would wear them forever. They are the perfect way to try out some kitsch Kirchoff style without going all-out crazy and getting eyeballed in the street..

See? Meadham Kirchoff is the perfect fun, playful, kitsch collection! Also well suited to Valentine's Day thanks to the abundance of hearts and general air of sweetness around the clothes. While I openly admit that I would never be brave enough to wear one of the looks top-to-toe, a single piece would be perfectly wearable, and there is definitely some inspiration to be had from this collection. I am now determined to try mixing and matching my pastels, with a pop of brighter colour for an unexpected edge. Having noted the long socks I am desperate to get back into wearing them, and in more unusual colours. I am also even more in love with vintage style, which flowed throughout the collection. There is also a slight temptation to go get some seriously kitsch knitwear..

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. Cute!


  2. Aww the outfits make me so happy because the colours are bright and the designs are cute! I hope you enjoy valentines day, to me it's about spending time with people you love, regardless of whether it's a signicant other or just family and friends. Not to say we shouldn't any other day though :). Have a lovely day with the girls! xx


  3. i love the colours of those! bit too bright for me now...! ;p

  4. funny catwalk and nice colours!
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  5. so funny dear!like it!!
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  6. I love all the brilliant candy-like colors! =)