Monday, 13 February 2012

Caping it real.

Ah, the first lie in of half term. This is one of my only days off work this holiday, meaning I got to stay in bed until a glorious 10am, before going on the motorway for the first time and going shopping. Well, what else is a girl to do when she has money in her purse and a bit of free time on her hands? And when said girl is a self-confessed shopaholic, there is no keeping her away from those stores. I actually think Topshop might be my natural habitat.

 Cape - Topshop; Jeans, Boots, Arm Warmers & Clutch - New Look.

I had not realised just how New Look-heavy this outfit was until now - but I've said it once, I'll say it again, their separates really do mix and match incredibly well! I'll be the first to admit that setting foot in there is dangerous for me, because it is just so affordable. These basic pieces work really well with the statement cape to create a low key outfit that manages to still look fashion-forward and stylish. Like always, this is thanks to the detail - the unusual cape style of the coat (I really do love that cape!), the red jeans instead of blue, the heels and the bright envelope clutch all add interest. I really cannot stress this enough, that basic pieces in more unusual colourways or with embellishment really take an outfit to the next level and will last you a lifetime.

Today's shopping trip was not all about me, let's just get that out there. It's currently that gorgeous year where (nearly) all my friends are turning 18, so I was on a bit of a present-buying marathon which can't be divulged here in case said friends see it and the surprise is ruined. I just wanted to let you all know that spending money isn't always just about me, me, me! In fact all I picked up for myself today was this gorgeous pair of earrings from Topshop.

Topshop clearly is dangerous territory for me too, because every time I have been in there recently, I have left with a bit less money and a few bits and pieces for my ever-expanding wardrobe.. But I honestly saw these earrings and died a little bit at how amazing they are - they are huge, retro 50s style studs that are sure to hurt my ears, but be so worth it! And just how cute is that mint-green detail.. so very du jour. I cannot wait to work these into a retro inspired ensemble.

Today I didn't just shop though, I went for a super-long run (for the first time in forever), did a zumba workout on the Wii and then consumed more than enough chocolate to negate the benefits of my exercise. I then had my evening perked up by a little email from MyDaily UK letting me know I had won one of their See It, Tag It, Love It competitions - getting me £500 to spend on! No hints as to what I bought, you will have to wait & see when it arrives (soon, hopefully!) but suffice it to say that I am a very happy bunny.

Love and kisses, Tara xox

(PS. Apologies for the incredibly cheesy blog title - I just love my cape so much that the pathetic attempt at a pun came out before I could stop it..)


  1. LOVE the cape. I know what my next wardrobe investment will be!

  2. I love capes! And I love your jeans too!!

  3. love the earrings!

  4. Great post and amazing earrings!

    xx Haunted

  5. Il est tres sympa ta tenue!!!

  6. I love you cape! And you look gorgeous!
    Love you blog :) x