Sunday, 4 March 2012

Wanted - Flatforms.

The wedge heel is making its customary comeback for spring, in many a style, pattern and colour, but while I adore wedge heels for their glamorous appearance and relative practicality, the fact that I am already a wedge convert with a couple of pairs at home means that I am hardly bouncing up and down on my sofa, raring to wear them. However, there is one slightly different, slightly unusual style of wedge that has me quite excited.. Say bonjour to..


This clever shoe shape was everywhere on the SS'12 catwalks, proving that flats can be high octane and glam too. At first glance, I was unconvinced. I thought they were a little unwieldy, a little clompy, and not really my cup of tea. Then I let them grow on me for a few months, et voila, I am now desperately seeking some perfect flatforms to complement my spring wardrobe! Honestly, any shoe that can give me (much-needed) extra height at relative comfort is my best friend. So here I am, hunting down a pair that are chic, stylish and affordable..

£50, Topshop
As per usual, my first stop on the hunt was Topshop, and I was not disappointed. I love the wooden sole of these, and the simplicity of the black uppers.

£55, Topshop
These lace up, espadrille style flatforms also come in orange and black, but they aren't my favourites. They are a little too casual for me, and a little too similar to trainers!

£110, Topshop Unique
Now these are more my style. The metallic hue is simply divine, as is the Prada-esque flame detailing. However, the lace up sneaker effect is still a little too sports luxe for my tastes.. And the price makes these way out of my league.

£35, River Island
I have seen these in store a few times, and thought the colour was simply stunning. I love the simple style of them, which lets the hue shine through and means they will mix and match easily. Not a fan of orange? They also come in black. These are my favourites so far..

£40, ASOS
As the purveyors of runway style and top trends that ASOS are, I naturally went running to them in search of flatforms, and their collection is pretty big! I love the pattern on their VARSITY flatforms, which also come in two other prints.

£35, ASOS
The print on these VEZZA flatforms is simply incredible. Not the easiest thing to mix and match, but definitely a gorgeous statement. These also come in denim, and would be the perfect easy-breezy spring footwear.

£50, ASOS
These VIPER flatforms come in a range of other colours, but this black & watercolour floral combination is my personal favourite. These just epitomise spring for me - somehow they are romantic, strong, eye-catching and simple all at the same time. Practicality goes out of the window a bit with them, but oh well, fashion over function!

After looking at these stunning flatforms, I don't feel like I need to hunt any further. If you're not totally convinced by any of these, or aren't a fan of the patterns, try looking at ASOS's flatforms here because they have so many more prints and styles, from pastel flatform trainers to high basket weave pairs. 

Personally, I am a little bit torn between the orange River Island flatforms and the ASOS VIPER flatforms. I know, the orange ones are more practical, affordable, easier to style and probably easier to wear, but those ASOS flatforms are calling out to me. I do adore the River Island pair though, and in an ideal world I would definitely get both! Give me a few days to weigh them up and make my decision, and then maybe you'll be seeing spring's new wedge style on the end of my (short) legs. 

I can see that the River Island pair are the more sensible investment, but the ASOS VIPER flatforms are so beautiful my heart literally goes out to them. And which to follow, head or heart? Which ones would you go for?

Love and kisses, Tara xox

PS. I just had the amazing realisation that I now have 60 followers! (does mad little dance and squeals excitedly) This honestly made my day, because I never dreamed of getting one follower for the my random fashion thoughts & it amazes me that anyone reads it at all! I am also over 15000 page views - thankyou so much to all the people who read, follow + comment, you make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


  1. I like so much the Asos ones!I follow you! :)

  2. those last pair are perfect

    xo Camilla

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  3. Cool post!
    (even though i didn't read it all... Sorry)
    Love the platforms! Great spring trend

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  4. I love the metalic/gold topshop platforms *-*

  5. Nice post, Your blog is cool!

  6. it's good that I love this kind of shoes :)
    first one are mine fav! You have really cool fashion blog!
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  7. flatforms are the best! they're so easy to walk in and comfortable!


  8. I LOVE flatforms! I have a pair of flatform brogues, and recently bought a gorgeous pair of leopard print flatforms (they're in my latest post on my blog actually). I think flatforms are quite quirky which I love! From your list I quite like the look of the Topshop espadrille style ones. Great post! x

  9. These are very cool! I'm in love with the gold one's!
    xx s

  10. I really want some flatforms too, I wasn't convinced either at first but after a few people started blogging about them I am now convinced. xx

  11. I love the first topshop pair and the last asos pair! I have some like the river island ones and I loooove them. They re really comfy and easy to walk in. I could definitely do for a few more pairs of flatforms!

  12. the orange one from river island is so cute <3

  13. Amazing post dear!
    Following you on also bloglovin! Follow back? <3

  14. I love the rive island pair :) awesome color!


  15. I wanted a pair too for spring! So comfy and chic!

  16. Love the ones you have picked out! I'm still on the search for the perfect pair, i might just get a pair of plain black ones - they'll go with everything! x