Sunday, 11 March 2012

Star Style Obsession - Ashley Greene

It's probably no big deal, but the fact I didn't post yesterday has been bugging me all weekend.. I was just so busy - literally left my house at 8.30am and got back at 11.15pm, so forgive me! I was doing my Passplus driving course, then went out for a meal with some of my beautiful friends and generally had an awesome night. Unfortunately I forgot my camera when I went out, so there are no photos to share, and you will have to settle for hearing about another person who inspires my style.

This week I seem to have regressed a few years to my shamefully Twilight-obsessed 15-year-old self, and have been inspired by Ashley Greene, who stars as Alice in the films. Alice was always my favourite character, so I was predisposed to love Ashley, and I do, I definitely prefer her to Kristen Stewart! Two years on I am pleased to say that it isn't Twilight that draws me to Ashley, but her sense of style. From red carpet to dashing down to the gym, she manages to look glamorous, gorgeous and effortless - definitely something I need to emulate.

Starting off with an oldie, back at the Eclipse premiere, because this is one of my favourite looks. I absolutely love the powder blue hue and softly flowing shape of this dress, it looks elegant yet unfussy and is perfect for a daytime premiere.

At the Breaking Dawn premiere this time, Ashley works a stunning floor-length red dress and looks every inch the screen siren, from those tumbling waves to that matching pillar-box red lipstick.

Looking even more vintage inspired here, and I absolutely love it. Satin dresses can be hard to pull off, but Ashley looks chic and classy thanks to the cut, her flawless accessorizing and those retro curls.

Something a little more modern here, with a gorgeous colour pop that is flawlessly framed with black accents. This girl certainly knows how to turn heads!

I adore this iced-mint shade - the look may be a year or so in the past, but this dress would still pack a style punch this season thanks to that pastel hue. I also love the sheer panel at the top because it is an interesting use of texture.

Ashley clearly knows what suits her, as she works another beautiful bright red gown. I love how sophisticated and classy she looks here, with a stunning silhouette.

Pulling out all the stops in this nude embellished dress, and looking utterly gorgeous for it. That dramatic silhouette is pure Hollywood glamour at its best, and it is flawlessly complemented by her sleek updo and slick accessorizing.

 Yet again looking classically chic by deftly matching this pristine white dress with elegant red and houndstooth accessories. I love Ashley's retro-inspired, glamorous, grown up on-duty style.

It is not just on duty that she looks incredible though, off-duty Ashley stays stylish with gorgeous accessories like those heels and the obligatory sunglasses, along with well-fitting, glamorous wardrobe staples.

Going even more casual, Ashley looks effortlessly cool in denim cutoffs and a loose white top, which are revved up by her awesome fringed sandals and uber-luxe bag and sunglasses.

Now this is a masterclass in how to wear double denim. Follow Ashley's style lead by wearing different shades together and keeping accessories simple yet luxurious for an easy-breezy daytime style.

And just to prove that she is human and is seen in less than high-fashion pieces, here is Ashley in her gym kit. I know, it is unfair how she manages to make leggings, a loose vest and trainers look cute, but she does it! If only I could look this good when I exercise..

That is why I love Ashley Greene. Her style is more classic than crazy, and not all about showing flesh to attract attention, yet she still oozes sex appeal thanks to her retro-glamorous silhouettes. I also love her hair - it never looks anything less than beautiful, shiny and lustrous. Severe jealousy is setting in.. I am also impressed by her versatility - she is not only chic and stylish when she has a team working on her look, but also day-to-day when she is just throwing pieces together. What do you all think of Ashley?

Oh, and thankyou to all the new followers - 70! This made my day. 

Love and kisses, Tara xox


  1. she is very pretty,,,nice post..

    if you want we could follow each other

  2. great post! the red dress is my favorite!

  3. She's absolutely gorgeous and she always looks immaculate! I prefer her to Kristen Stewart as well! xx

  4. Beautiful Ashley!
    Wow, look at those tone muscles.

  5. She's so fashionable, very simple.

  6. I love her in the cute pink short dress and also the mint dress. Absolutely gorgeous! And you have a lovely feminine style too. :) Had an enjoyable time reading your blog!

    Love from the NaNa girls x

  7. her style is very nice! I love how different she looks and you showed it very good.
    I loved your blog and style so I'm following you now. I may not be the most constant visitor but I'll do my best to visit you as often as possible

    Inside and Outside Blog

  8. She's so cute, love the white dress and her shoes are to die for! :-)

  9. ashley's amazing!!! :)

  10. The pink one is extremely cool :D


  11. My favorite is the pink and black look. All around, flawless style! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo RACHEL

  12. she looks sooo pretty in the nude embellished dress! the definition of glamorous!