Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Getting around to it...

Since I'm off college ill again (yes, I'm pathetic and sickly quite a lot lately), I have finally gotten around to a post that I have been meaning to do for weeks. As I'm sure everyone knows, the world went a little crazy over the collaboration between Marni and H&M that dropped on March 8th - and I was no exception. Or was I? When looking through the collection online to choose my pieces, I found that while they were all so well designed by the geniuses at Marni, they just weren't my cup of tea. Only one or two things caught my eye, and were exciting enough to convince me to buy. 

Obviously, the online scramble took place on March 8th, with some degree of success & a week or so later a lovely little box from H&M arrived at my door. I practically ripped it open (after struggling with it for a while) and was so happy with my piece of this collaboration.

The piece I opted for was this gorgeous flower necklace in black - bold, eye-catching and gorgeously quirky. Like I said, most of the collection wasn't really my thing, but I totally adored the Marni for H&M accessories! What I love about this necklace is that it is such a statement shape that it could easily be the focus of an entire outfit, yet the sleek, shiny black hue means it could be paired with a bold print and not steal the limelight. I'm planning on working it both ways in the near future. 

It's versatility is definitely one of this necklace's best features, and I love the way the petals of the flowers can move a little and aren't completely fixed in place, which adds tactility and motion to it. The quirky, stylized shape of the blooms is also gorgeous. And speaking of being versatile, that fabric tie means that you can have it at pretty much any length you want, from dangling almost to your waistline to acting as a choker or simply resting below your collarbones. It can be so long in fact, that for me it could even act as a belt - my parents pointed this out upon my proud displaying of it, and I am quite tempted..

I am so glad I got my hands on a piece of Marni's collection for H&M, even if it isn't an iconic dress like the Versace I will know where it originated from and enjoy it all the same. This necklace is perfect for embellishing my SS'12 wardrobe now and then making its reappearance regularly throughout my lifetime. So what do you all think? Did you pick up any items in the Marni for H&M drop way back on March 8th? 

Love and kisses, Tara xox


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  2. You're so lucky! I love the piece you got! Unfortunately H&M is very far from me so I was unable to go. :(

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  3. aah that's sooo gorgeous, I keep forgetting that h&m do designer collaborations; apart from the time Kylie did one....!! :p

    Le Material Girl

    1. I missed the kylie collab - so gutted! xox

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  6. Looks amazing. :D

  7. So good to hear how happy you are
    when you received that gorgeous necklace.
    I missed this collab, because I was too busy.